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Aug 17, 2017 at 7:28 AM
Mar 9, 2012
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Dec 7, 1983 (Age: 33)
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Seattle Wa

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CCraft Team Admin, Male, 33, from Seattle Wa

New AH by clamps coming soon. May 29, 2015

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Viewing forum list, Aug 17, 2017 at 7:28 AM
    1. seththenoodle
      ntall you are awesome and i am begging my mom to let me donate to the server alot so hopefully you will get more donations soon
    2. cosmicthunder99
      hey ntall how r u doin
    3. seththenoodle
      hello ntall hows it hangin?
      1. ntall1
        Its hangin.
        Sep 26, 2013
    4. Conor Johnson
      ntall1 i in need of a bit of help on the cassualy charliecraft server iv made a a blaze spawner xp grinder and want to make it a public place for everyone to use on the server but i can not protect it to stop people griething it nor can i set a warp to it this is why i need your help. if you could please message me back with the info and arrange a time to go on the server to sort this
    5. Hanna
      Can you please delete this account? I've made a new MC account and I'd like to make a new account here as well. Thanks in advance! :3
    6. 44444
      YO YO YO NTALL i know how you feel about your internet myn sucks too
    7. ninjabladee
      Hi I would like to recommend you make my friend danchessplayer a moderator. He is really kind and nice and he always reports griefs. He is welcoming to new town members by showing them around etc. HE EVEN BUILDS S HOUSE FOR THEM. He gives them free items and supplies ALOT. These are the reasons why. Thank you for ur consideration
    8. sheeppig24
      i got banned and it says i greifed but i dinent!!!
    9. King_Ender
      Hey ntall1, hows it going?
    10. ViTALiTY
      Hey Hey, long time no see huh?

      So how are the things now?
      1. ntall1
        Things are going ok. How are you?
        Mar 19, 2013
      2. ViTALiTY
        Fine i guess, except for the part im sick and have time to play and whatnot :P

        P.S Whats the Vent port?
        Mar 19, 2013
    11. BloxKid
      Someone blocked off my door with obsidian could you please remove them?
      I live in OakVale
    12. ntall1
      1. Ralal500
        Feb 18, 2013
    13. ntall1
      Didn't get shit for sleep. Cranky, and frustrated. Taking a day off.
    14. ntall1
      So sick of my stupid internet company.. Cant do anything when my ping is consistently over 1000.... Gets worse by the day.
    15. ntall1
      Fricking tired as F***. Dogs refuse to let me sleep.
    16. ntall1
      Fuck Baja_Broadband. Cant even use my internet on the weekends, and on week days its total shit.
    17. ntall1
      Making some good progress on CCraft 2 today.
    18. ntall1
      I am not well.. Been having weird symptoms for a few months now. Cant ever seem to get enough sleep and have strange sores on my tongue. :(
    19. ntall1
      Shitty internet making it impossible to work on CC2 until Monday!!.. PISS!!
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    Dec 7, 1983 (Age: 33)
    Home page:
    Seattle Wa