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Ban Appeal: Cwaazy

Discussion in 'Grief Report/Ban Appeal' started by Griffin, May 5, 2015.

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    I used to be a frequent player on CC, but have since taken a break from Minecraft. My good friend in real life, Kaitlynn, who you know as Cwaazy, was recently banned from your server. I do not know why exactly she was banned, but she assumes it was due to her "messing with another player". I don't know what that means, but she is very sorry for what it is that she did and is looking for her ban to be renounced. She loves the server very much and all of the members.


  2. ntall1 CCraft Team Admin

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    It is not her "messing with another player" its her messing with pretty much all players. Cwaazy was banned in the past for toxic behavior and constant abuse/harassment of other players in global chat, via private msg, and in game mail.

    As always, at the beginning of each year we wipe our ban list, and Cwaazy was allowed back on the server. This time she did the exact same thing. Harassment of other players in global chat, via private msg, and in game mail.

    Cwaazy has already had appeals, many in the past. Our community has simply had enough of the harassment. If this was a first offense it I would gladly allow her back on, but she has had many chances to correct her behavior. She will have to wait till next years ban wipe to try again.

    I hate writing these responses, I feel bad, but I have a community to protect.
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