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Trade Signs?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Hbuildguy, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Hbuildguy Member

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    As some of you may have been on charlie craft BEFORE the update and even before then, we had trade signs. So to make that more exact, the server had essentials signs turned on.

    So to explain in the littlest detail possible: its a sign you put your stuff in, people click on it and their money goes into the sign, they get your stuff, when you click on the sign you get the money and so forth.

    How is this diffrent from gps? Well for one theres no command (/gps shop (username). So you don't have write out long usernames (No Offense to anybody out there). You can put in more than a stack. You can edit how MUCH is sold, so its not sold out as fast. Also (This ones cool) you can make pay in exp, or buy exp with zenni or even, (this ones cool!) items!

    Also it's more realistic (for you vannila people), because in real life does one say a command and click into the air? Well yeah I know a sign shop isn't that realistic, but you get the point.

    Thanks for reading this. I hope this feature comes back.:)
  2. oogla SuperVIP

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    Lots of signs cause lag for some users. In some case it has made it so players found spawn and other areas with lots of signs to be practically unplayable. This is part of the reason for the move to gps instead of signs. There's other benefits as well, gps can be accessed from anywhere at any time, so you can sell stuff without having to cart it somewhere specific. It can also be handy if you're way deep in a cave or far into the nether and need something.
  3. ntall1 CCraft Team Admin

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    The biggest complaint about sign based shops, aside from the client lag, was that no one was able to sell anything. When players have sign based shops, not only does any shop become an unorganized mess that never gets managed by the owners, but players that wish to buy can never find these "shops".

    The other issue is that all signs are permanent on the server, while players are not. Lots of players only play for a few weeks, or a few months, but in this time managed to place about 100 sign shops that can only later be removed by staff/admins. It is inefficient for the seller, buyer, and administration.

    The new system allows any players items to be found as long as they have competitive prices, and removes the need for players to manage or sort thru tons of inactive, empty signs as the buyer or seller.
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